Professional injection molding technology analysis and consulting, Team training

Plant Set-up Service

Offer tailored solution for plastic injection molding equipment

Accompany on-the-spot investigation on production, introduce the production processes and explain plastic injection plant keypoints.

According to the plastic injection mold production demand and the investment scale, guide the users to choose mold charactor and injection machine feature.

According to the actual situation, work out a flexible investment solution for you.

To give reasonable production layout and program, providing water and electricity drawings for new plastic injection factory.


Project Inspection & Training


Fancy has established a set of professional production line equipment/mould/machine quality standards.

Assign injection mould machine automation and arrange production. Monitor the production schedule of equipment on a real-time basis to ensure punctual delivery.

Provide technical consultation as well as the advices on the plan of factory establishment.

Offer complete solutions of setting up a plastic injection line and give organized injection machine training for the line.

On-sales service

Production molds and machinery according to the contracted technical request, high speed cycle time and high precision mold size.

Follow mold making artwork with professional mold tooling steps, mold tooling condition QC and cooling system.

Provide tooling progress photo of each injection mold and injection molding mahines, robot or any automation for the project.

Provide technical consultation as well as the advices on the plan of injection factory establishment.

Make injection mold test on the injection molding machine with agreed cycle time, mold quality and machine running data.


After-sales service

Trouble shooting

Unique service advantage and professional high efficiency installation and trouble shooting skills

Setup support

Train the users to setup his injection molding machinery and molds smoothly and guide them for safe injection production.

Technical Online

For countries whose visas are difficult obtain, we can provide video technical support.

Maintenance Training

Offer professional mold operation manual and machine maintenance to run injection carefully and remove common faults.

Guarantee Time

We are responsible for all the repairs caused by our quality problems within the one year warranty.

Daily Support

24H/7D on line injection molding solution support. We will guide your injection molds and injection machine running in time.


We’d like to cooperate with you to expand our business in your markets.If in doubt, please see the following FAQs

Q: How to get a quote for my new idea of plastic factory ?

You can send us your target plastic item, give us your idea of production capacity. We will guide you with plastic injection plant set up proceedure step by step. From market analysis, to injection molds, injection machine and automation purchase, as well as plant set up service and installation, training.

Q: What needed to start the cooperation for my new mold order?

You can send us your plastic sample, and after commercial discussion about the full project, we will contract with you and follow proceedure of proudction plan.

Q: Do you make mold for my products ?

Yes, we offer tailored solution for your plastic molds request. We make molds with very prompt delivery, usually 30-50days according to your mold request.

Q: What steel do you use for my mold ?

We apply various steel standard according to mold charactor. We recommend Germany Steel for long life molds, but we also give ecnomical solution according to your budget. We have Steel QC control report for your reference.

Q: Which hot runner system do you use?

We have options for high speed molds hot runner system such as HUSKY, DME, YUDO system, but also give you ecnomical solution with local brand.

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